Yesterday, I had one of those infrequent days when I didn’t have to work or go to school. I made bread for the first time using a book, 200 Fast and Easy Artisan Breads No-Knead, One Bowl by Judith Fertig. I found this book at my local library. The recipe was very simple. Which was great for me as I’m short on time and bread making skills. For a very quick overview I made a large batch of dough then made a round loaf with lots of batter left over. I just bake what I need over 9 days. Then toss the leftover dough (like there would be any) and start over.  Great for a beginer like me simple and delicious. As I get more confident in my new skill I’m making different reciepies. I thought the easiest way would to just bake my way through the book. The results have been delicious.

It seems to me that people want bigger and better everything. Or is that just what our society has degraded into? Popular media wants to shove the newest latest and greatest whatever down our throats. Did any one see The Lorax? I did! I took flour, salt, yeast and water and made a delicious bread. More is not better its just more.


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