The Invitation

The Invitation, written by Oriah is a beautiful poetic work of art. This book is full of life, love, laughter and grief. Sometimes its perfectly honest to tell a confidant no I’m not ok, but I will be. The biggest evil in life is when we lie to ourselves. No one else may realize it, but we do and this knowing will drag us down like a ball and chain. I know this well I’m 3 years divorced. The day I stoped lying to myself was the day I left. It was no picnic, but it was what I needed.  In order to have a begining something must end. Then for a time we’re lost at the four corners of our life wondering which way do I go? My mistake was rushing it and picking a wrong path. It’s a good thing the people in my life are patient. Healing has no time frame, the process takes a long as it will.  In the end I’ve found my calm, my balance and the path I’m suppose to be on.

Note to self have more patience…


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