It seems my baking habit is rubbing off on my mom. She makes excellent pies or so I hear because I hate cooked fruit.  I don’t normally make anything I won’t eat; I like to taste test my creations. We’re going to start a collaborative approach to this, I make the breads and other types of pies like cheesecake or maringue type pies I’ll eat. She’ll make the fruit pies and cobblers. She’s also talking about a cake decorating class she looked into. She was suprised it was only about $20 that sounds like fun too. We’ve talked alittle bit about attending bake sales as well. Sound delicious and fun to me!

My mom is getting older, I find my time with her to be a preicious gift. I know at some point in the future she may no longer be there for me to talk with.

Here’s to a great way to start a new family tradition. CHEERS!


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