The bread dirge

I went to bake dough that I had in my fridge. The recipe says use within 3 days; the author wasn’t kidding. Today is day 4, the dough fell in the bowl and had a disgusting sour smell. Lesson learned.  Since I feel like baking anyway I’m going to make biscuits and bread sticks. I don’t like to heat the oven for just one recipe which is why I picked these 2 the oven temperature is very close.

We have been enduring a drought and tripple digit temps for weeks with no relief in sight. The last time I caught the weather we were 5 inches under our total rainfall for the year. The Fourth of July fireworks have been canceled for the most part as 3/4 of Arkansas’s counties are under a burn ban.

I’m going to wait a bit to fire up the oven so it doesn’t warm up the house. My family is trying to do their part to conserve electricity by running our appliances like the dishwasher late at night while we sleep.  We don’t water the lawn it’s pointless…here’s the part the pisses me off.  We live on the golf course I came home in the middle of the afternoon and they were watering the golf course. Early morning I could understand but at 2 in the afternoon. Apparently there is no common sense at the Property Owner’s Association.


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