Life as I see it

Humans are very good at doing not so good at being or balancing the necessary things we do in a day. Is an activity so necessary that one is willing to sacrifice time or a relationship with a significant other. In some cases that might be necessary, I don’t see my daughter as much as I like because of my work and school schedule. I see the payoff in the future as a better life for us.

Are we as people fully present with our family or significant other? Or are our minds thinking 3-4 different things while nodding at the appropriate times? Are we giving them our full attention when they are speaking to us? Are we talking and reconnecting in a way that leaves no doubt that they are loved and valued? I will be the first to raise my hand and confess I’ve done the 3-4  things. I have also been on the recieving end of it and know how it makes me feel. It’s not very time consuming it is more of a mental shift to stop one’s own mind form going 90 miles and hour for for a brief moment to be  fully present with the person I am talking with. People are habitual creatures by nature it takes a conscious effort to change ingrained habits. So today is day one, I want to be present in my own life and when I’m speaking to my friends and family.


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