enough already

When is enough enough? How much crap can one person dump on another until the proverbial question of is this what you consider love is asked? I’ve been wrestling with these questions that seem to have no answers. I have as yet to come up with anything helpful other than I must be an idiot to put up with this. Last time I checked I wasn’t, I’ll admit to doing a few things without putting enough forethought into them.  I think I can safely say we all have been in that situation at one time or another. Sometimes the outcome works in our favor other times we hear the faint laughter of the gods. In any case I throw up my arms and chuck it all  up to a needed learning experience… alright lesson learned (hopefully at this point they stop laughing.) Sometimes I’m hard-headed and need to go through the same lesson a few times before I understand it fully. This feels oddly similar..


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