I don’t want my fear to limit what I can accomplish. I want to own it and the doubt and insecurity that accompany it.  What if I fail? At least I can say I tried and learned from my mistakes. I will still be able to look at myself in the mirror with honesty and say ok that didn’t work so I’ll try something else. What if I succeed? A multitude of new doors could  open for me. What a wonderful thing that would be. I don’t want to have a box that needs a check in it to be empty because I was afraid to even try. Fear is a ball and chain around our ankles slowing us down and making our spirits so melancholy we want to give up before we even get started. Well, I had the key hanging around my neck and I ‘m tired of all this weight; I just needed a little prod in the right direction.

So here is what I decided

I need to change my major my little voice is telling me that this is the wrong path.

I refuse to let my fear of what could happen define me.

I need to thank someone who helped shed light into a shadowy corner I didn’t want to look in.


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