On the down hill slide

I finished my last essay last night I just need to e-mail it in to my professor, it’s truly amazing how time flies. This was my first semester at the university; I have survived it with my sanity intact (more or less.) My Migraines have been merciless this week I wasn’t able to leave my apartment yesterday. One finds out what is important and what can wait in short order; my only priority for yesterday was to finish that essay.

I have changed the background on my blog. I thought this color scheme was a bit warmer it makes a great counter point to the cooler weather. Thank you to all who are reading this blog. I didn’t start this looking for an audience, but as an outlet for my mental meandering. I don’t always have time to post as often as I would like, but life is all about priorities and some of course fall a little higher on my list than others.

Dare to be…


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