On writing and Fish

Finding the time to write in my busy schedule can be challenging but, I have to write. Or  all the thoughts that run amuck in my head will riot and I won’t be able to sleep. It’s an annoying thing staring at the ceiling at 2 am, this usually entails some creative four letter words. Along with a mental slap because I still can seem to set my notebook beside my bed.  I had to chuckle when my professor said I should hold off on my writing classes for now and start o the others. I told him as long as I have a pen and paper I’m happy. It is definitely the little things that make me giggle like a little girl. Today it was finding a comforter at a resale shop for my daughter. The blanket has pink, purple and red polka dots, a purple vase for me and a brass tray for my ottoman. I also scored a side table to go between my chair and couch.

Now for the sad news. I have a twenty-five gallon fish tank and I killed all my fish. In my defense this is my first ever tank and they got a parasite. I’m not happy my fish had to die because of my ignorance, but my lesson is well learned and reinforced by the fact that I had to throw out my rock and the decor. Today my tank has rock and the water is circulating in it again; I won’t be able to restock it until Friday. Every creature has a right to live it was my lack of knowledge and poor care that led to their demise.


Dare to be…


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