Much to my delight I’m off work and I took my last finale yesterday that means I have some time to breathe. I’ve already made buscuits this morning and I’m getting ready for a bread bake-a-thon. I started making bread about a year ago and I’m hooked it does take a little know how but the results are well worth the destroyed kitchen floury hands, shirt and pants. I started my bread making with yes you guessed it a cook book. Another great place to look for recipies is at the site of the brand of flour that is used. I prefer the King Arthur flour its made in the USA and the results I’ve had with it are amazing.

I found a sign that capture the essence of cooks everywhere. I don’t know who created this sign, but it was on an article from Backwoods Home Magazine written by Rowena Aldridge.

Food it with thought
2.cook it with care
3.serve just enough what would spoil
4.home grown is best
Don’t waste it.

Dare to be…


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