Cooking and Creativity


This is what happens when I used a bowl I thought was big enough for my crescent dough to rise in not quit.


Note to self: Don’t use the orange bowl.

I love this bowl. My mother gave it to me it’s probably as old as I am. The handles are actually two different sizes which makes it easier to pour ingredients back into their original containers. I normally use it when I measure flour. Less flour on my counter means more goes back into my gallon sized glass jars. Baking for me is a lot like jewelry making. I take different things which serve a purpose put them together and presto I have a beautiful necklace or a mouth-watering bread creation and it’s edible. That’s a real plus in my book. I bake and cook mostly from scratch to stay thin and be healthy. The only thing that I have found is better than a great meal is great company to enjoy it with.  I’m having dinner with my family this evening and tomorrow we going to celebrate my daughter’s birthday.


These are ready to go into the oven!


Hot from the oven! This batch ended up darker than I inteded and a bit larger than I wanted, but this is the first time I’ve made crescent rolls. Next time I’ll know better.


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