My place as a reflection

The place we reside whether it be house, mobile home or in my case an apartment is a direct reflection of our inner mindscape. I lived with my folks for a year and a half after I moved back from Houston. No, matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep my folks’ house clean enough for my tastes. Frustrated,  by the lack of order, I took a hard look at my parents.  My father suffers from severe ADHD and I believe OCD as well. Most of the clutter in the house was a symbol of his innability to part with anything. The lack of organization of his things was a symbol of how little he valued what he had including the people in his life.

Unfortunatly, as a result of growing up with that I’ve gone in the direct opposite direction. Someone said my apartment was sparten. I was offended. I only keep things around me that I use regulary. This is also a Migrain related issue for me, too many things to look at over stimulates my brain and wears me out.  I have a large beautiful picture of a vase with an orchid in it hanging above my couch. Beside photos of my daughter, I have nothing else on my walls in the living room. I may not have much, but I treasure it all. My possessions have special meaning for me. The exact same can be said for the people in my life. Each and every one is a blessing.

I was in a house so cluttered and dirty I didn’t want to touch anything. Which was ironic because the lack of care and respect he showed for his house, which he owned, was exactly how he treated me. We have gone our seperate ways, but that is a lesson I won’t forget.


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