As the book turns

I need a mental kick in the butt. I just looked back to see when I made my first attempt at doing a series of posts. These posts were to help me document my progress on my book project. The first one was posted on Jan, 3 roughly 6 weeks ago. My biggest enemy is procrastination. If at first you don’t succeed write it on the calendar so you can remember. I’m proud of myself 5 plus pages is alot for me to write in one sitting. My goal is to make that more of a routine.

The second draft of my fantasy book, The Healer’s Daughter is coming along, today I wrote 5 and a half pages. I’m adding and or deleting characters and unnecessary scenes. I changed the point of view from first to third person perspective which seems to help the flow. Doing this second rewrite I making changes as I write that I hadn’t necessarily thought of in the first draft. The over all mood is a bit darker and more realistic.

Dare to be….


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