The ebb and flow of life

School has taken over most of the free time I have. Once again my blog has been relegated to the wayside for awhile, but now I’m inspired to write if only to make sense of the events in my life. It seems that uneasy feeling I had about how things were going too well was not unfounded paranoia. We all have that little voice that says hey, wait a minute this isn’t quit right. Well, it seems that my life as I knew it is over. Now I have to pick up the pieces and move on. I see these events as a fresh start an hour later or less (my moods are erratic right now) I’m not sure what to do. Due to financial issues I’m having to move back in with my folks. I am eternally grateful I have that option, but for me it’s seems like all my hard work has blown up in my face. I’m not going to go into anything specific here as some of my readers know me personally to those I thank you for your support. I don’t know a lot right now other than I’m grateful to my friends and family. I’m dealing with mixed bag of guilt, anxiety and helplessness, my hard won independence is gone again. This situation makes doing my homework difficult at best. I may have to take my computer to a neutral location and work. My apartment is not conducive to writing, all I see is all the stuff I have to move by mid May.

And this too shall pass.

Bright Blessings to all
When all else fails go back to the beginning…


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