The most precious gift

My mother called several hours ago to tell me my grandmother had had a stroke and was not doing very well. The news left me feeling like I’m loosing something I’ve never really had the time to truly appreciate. We moved away from my grandmother twenty years ago, I’ve only had a the chance to see her a few times since then. I’ve always been busy.

Busy at what? I asked myself, as we all are putting food on the table and a roof over my head. My inner voice replied. I’m certain there are things that are not as important that could wait, unnecessary things. We must pare down not only our material possessions, but our time obligations as well. What are we so busy at that we are loosing the most precious gift we have. Time. I need solitude quit a lot in fact or I get stressed and overwhelmed which sends me straight into a Migraine.

Time. We think we have so much of it, but can be stolen without any warning. Rekindle friendships with those you’ve lost touch with. I’ll admit I have some relatives that I see maybe once a once a year. We also need to learn how to let go of the relationships that no long serve us those also waste time and energy. That is a lesson I’ve learned the hard way. I have learned I have no patience for those who don’t add something to my life. Laughter being my personal favorite. Life is short don’t be too busy or afraid to say the things to someone they need to hear. I write these as much for myself as for those who read this blog. Don’t get too focused on ambitions take time for friends and family.

Dare to Be…


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