Change is Inevitable

As the end of the semester approaches like a bullet train running late, I have a moment to pause and pull myself together. Tomorrow I’ll start packing for my move. I’ll miss my independence, but as with all things it’s a juggling act. I have to remember that this could always be worse I could have no family or friends able to take me in. At least I’ll have a roof over my head and be fed until I can figure out what my next move is. My life right know is a game of 52 pick up, where the kiddo throws the cards all over the floor then laughs at the mess. I’m trying to laugh but it’s difficult. I’ll have to back to living out of boxes with no real space of my own. I believe that there is a payoff or some sort of lesson the universe is trying to teach me. Just breathe do the best I can with the hand I’ve been dealt.

I’m trying to think positive that this too shall pass and the payoff is down the line when I graduate. Sometimes I have trouble seeing the proverbial light. I thought if I could set some goals that I could achieve in a shorter time frame that would give me makers on my progress. I’m not certain what they might be at this point, but it sounds like a good plan. I hate all the uncertainty I have no answers for anything just a lot of maybe I could do this…just need to get through the 9th which is my final then maybe I’ll be able to breathe and figure things out.


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