A few of life’s lessons

People cross my path on a regular basis sometimes it’s just for a brief meeting other times they stay awhile, but invariably I learn something. One of the lessons I was reminded of yet again was that chronological age doesn’t equal emotional maturity. This experience did teach me some positive things, the first is how important the little things are especially to me. Things like having doors opened for me and for someone to know what I like to drink and bring it to me without asking. This basic respect has been completely absent from my life and now that I know how it feels, I will accept no less. I have had to actually learn that it’s not selfish for me to be putting some aspects of my life on hold while I go to school it’s a way for me to get ahead in the world. Going back to school has been my dream for many years . My Migraines have always been a big stumbling block for me, they have kept me from doing a great many things, but now as I stare down 37, I’m finally coming into my own. I like the metaphor of the soup pot, sometimes we especially women have to take time for ourselves to make more otherwise we give so much we have little left for others. This is not selfish.

I have been making a concerted effort to deal with some of my emotional baggage, I’m on a journey to become a better person. I am far from perfect, but through this process I have accepted the bad things that have happened to me, they are part of my mental landscape. Our experiences make us who were are and yes, at times they may rear their ugly heads, but if I can  recognize that I’m having  a mini meltdown that was triggered by something completely innocent that just makes me human. This also makes me more aware than most.



I went on a solo camping trip Monday. Unfortunately, I had to cut my outing short and come home a day early due to bad weather. I was able for just a few hours to slow down and  see the small things in life. I was sitting on a rock by the lake and was visited by a spider who came scurrying past and into a crevasse in the rock. This spider was a great metaphor for life. I looked down again to see a caterpillar and smiled at how often we miss the micro in our oversized world. I sat awhile just letting my thoughts wander to nothing specific enjoying the feel of the wind on my skin.

I read a book just because I could. I made a meal over a open fire and was one with Mother Nature through two thunderstorms. When we get away from all the trappings of life it becomes readily apparent what is necessary and what is luxury.

Dare to Be….

Excavating the Self

I’m working on a paper titled Slavery and the Splintered Self in Toni Morrison’s Beloved. This was not the original subject matter when I started working on this project, but it was more geared toward slavery and its effect on motherhood. It seems my own process of excavating my slumbering intellect wove its way in and altered my topic. My paper became an extension of the process that I’m going through.  At 36 with a long intermittent college career, I have finally been able to return and stay in school; what I’m experiencing now is a reawakening and reorganizing of my concept of self. I have forgotten so much that now everyday is like a new discovery (the kid in a candy store cliché  comes to mind.)  I received a comment on a rough draft that the paper seemed like it was written by two different people in essence it was . Dealing with a controlling former spouse, an emotionally abusive former fiancée and a bevy of other control freaks, I put aside my own intelligence, wants and needs because I was young and didn’t know there was another way. A line in the original Dune movie sums up this process “The sleeper must awaken.”

I am older and much wiser now. I can’t berate myself for learning this lesson at this stage, there is a psychology at work here that goes back to my childhood. I am breaking out of a circle of behavior that I refuse to be a part of anymore and if that leaves me single for the rest of my life than so be it. I have learned so much these past two semesters, but the greatest lessons are the one the universe has granted me the clarity of sight to truly see. They are the ones that are redesigning the interior landscape of how I perceive my self.