New opportunities

Normally,  I try to sit down on Sunday morning with my coffee and write my posts.  However, I have had so much on my mind this past week, I couldn’t really find a sense of direction.  I’m in the planning phases of creating  an online business. I have had two previous online business with little in the way of monetary success.  However, what I learned from each one is priceless.

Now that I am on summer break, I am taking advantage of any and all training I can find. I am also taking the time to really plan and having a clear vision of what I want to accomplish.  The biggest thing I learned with my jewelry business, was that having to repeatedly make a unique product is NOT what I want to do. I also had an online bookstore, the biggest challenge there was storing print books.

It is a lot of work, but I would rather learn now on paper what will and won’t work by creating a business model, than have to find out the hard way. I also have something this time I never had before, the support of my significant other. I can always go to him and voice my ideas and get constructive feedback. It is also a great help that he can build the website. I am so blessed to have such a amazing man in my life.



It is an interesting oddity of life that the smallest object, smell, or even taste can bring back a flood of memories. I was washing my dishes this morning, and I picked up my spoon rest to wash it. I was instantly reminded of where I bought it.

It was a cold windy day about two years ago, my mom and I went to a craft show that was held at the county fairgrounds. We walked up, down and between all the tables. We chatted with people about their crafts and I was sorry to see the attendance low because of the weather. Perhaps, though the cold was a blessing, most of the people where were huddled inside to keep warm. My mother bought a lovely black and white scarf., and I bought a small vibrant blue piece of pottery with swirls. I see it every day as it sits on top of my stove, a reminder to precious time spent with my mom.

Every day Humor

Apparently my dog Max,SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA thought I needed some stress relief on Sunday. While we were putting the groceries away and before we disposed of the new bag, he crawled inside of the empty food bag and licked it clean. He was in there for about five minutes making sure he didn’t miss anything. Now, Max isn’t a small dog he weighs about forty pounds, so this was rather hilarious to me.