After Midnight Designs

I wrote before about my desire to start another blog showcasing my jewelry.  Aftermidnightdesigns  like many other things is a work in progress; the design is quite different from The Fire Side Journal.  This just shows yet another facet of my creative spirit and there is always more to come.

Dare to be….







I survived my first day at the university with my sanity intact…mostly;  it was hilarious to listen to a conversation had by some very young males about tattoos.  No, I don’t normally eavesdrop but, their table was right next to mine. One said he just wanted to get one that would last a couple of weeks.  I had a similiar conversation with my daughter (she’s 8) on the difference between her tattoo that she got at the fair and mine.  I have 5 at the moment and yes, more witll be forth coming.


My body is my temple…I’m just painting the walls.

I read this in a tattoo magazine; I couldn’t agree more.

Thoughts from a jewelry addict

I love to make jewelry. I’ve had a shop on artfire without much success, but that isn’t as important to me as the creative proccess itself. So with my schedule about to become more flexible due to school I’m considering trying again on another marketplace. I will probably start another blog strictly for the site so I can keep this one for my mental wanderings.