My place

My apartment is coming together, some call what I’m doing nesting; maybe that’s as apt a word as any. I’d rather call it being comfortable. I’m rather hedonistic by nature. I want my furniture to look good and cradle me to sleep. I want my blankets soft and I want my space to be cool or warm to suit me. I work, and go to school and have a child. I want to relax when I get home if that means I have to pay a little extra for it then so be it.


Dare to be….


settling in

I moved some of my stuff yesterday, ran around like a chicken with my then crashed into bed early. That has been the case every day this past week.  Once I get settled in I hope things will calm down, at least that is how it works in my brain. In reality however we all know that is an entirely different story.

Moving out was like having an early Yule gift. All my belongings have been in boxes for so long I’d forgotten what I had. Unfortunately, I was also reminded of what I didn’t get back. However, in the universal scheme of things its all trivial. My spiritual well-being, sanity and safety are what’s priceless; material possesions can be reaquired.

I’ve been over a year in finding my balance.

Dare to be…

Freedom found

I’m sucking it up went into loans, now I’m able to live on my own. I’ll start moving into my apartment on Monday. Right now I’m doing the proverbial happy dance at least in my head. I may not be quit so happy paying it all back, but for me at least it’s worth it. I’m my own savior. Now, no one can throw me out…

I have my independence and that is priceless.

Dare to be…


I’m quickly approaching midterms. I have one onThursday, the next on the 18th. This is my first semester at the university and already doubt is knocking at my door. I’m having to choke down a big piece of humble pie in order to not go into student loans. I’m working part time, but it’s not always enough to cover my gas. My family is willing to help, it’s me that’s having a hard time with it. I’ve always wanted to go back to school if only to prove I was smart enough to get into the university.  I also want to be a good roll model for my daughter, to show her that if one wants something bad enough they’ll find a way to accomplish it. Sometimes I have trouble seeing the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. I also have to start thinking about my classes for next semester.

I think I need to make some short term goals so that my long term goal of graduating with my Bachlor’s Degree doesn’t seem so far off.


1.)get through my midterms

2.)Survive finals

3.)Don’t forget to have fun now and then

4.)Live Love Laugh