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After shelving one of my writing projects in favor of a new one I came back to it. I couldn’t figure what I was doing wrong until I went back and reread Selgin’s book By Cunning and Craft. I had unknowingly written myself into corner by limiting my point of view. I started working on it again last night; I wrote 4 pages and WOW what a difference. I now have layers of characters. I can show how my human and non-human characters relate to each other and see the world. This has really brought an interesting dimension to my book.

Yes, I am one of those paranoid writers that does not want my book titles or any of my ideas out in the public eye at this point. However, previously I had wanted to start a series of posts to document my progress in order to do that I need to be clear on what my writing project is. The working title of this book is The Healer’s Daughter it would fall into the fantasy genre. My first draft is comprised of 140 pages, I’m doing a line by line rewrite adding deleting and moving paragraphs as I see fit. I have a 1 page preface and 5 pages written on this second draft.

I head back to school on the 15th with that said I want more than ever to have a sort of journal of my writing journey.  I juggle so many things in my life. I want to make certain that I find or schedule the time to write. I also want to keep up with this series of posts. I don’t usually plan what I’m going to write it just happens to be what is on my mind and the time I sit down and grab my laptop. I’m not the most organized person I REALLY have to work at it I thought I would pick a day of the week and put up a post every week. If I write this post every week on the same day it will turn into a habit; I believe that takes about three weeks. That right now is my plan. However, we all know about the best laid plans.


Dare to be…


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